The 5 Best Arm Workouts on YouTube

I have three big fears when it comes to my wedding:

1. My fiancé's old fraternity brothers are going to act like idiots and embarrass me in front of my grandma and my boss.

2.  Somebody is going to spill moonshine punch on my dress.
3. My arms are going to look fat.

I feel like my arms look normal in everyday life, but I swear as soon as a camera is on them they blow up, and I look like I'm carrying two pale baby Belugas around. 

So I am working my arms like crazy. I tone them at least once a day, and I think I'm going to make two a days permanent. I'm really worried about it. 

Because I'm toning them so often, I need different workouts. My go to is the 21 Day Fix Upper Fix Extreme, but that one was becoming increasingly easier. I also use the Tone It Up girls workout but they are too perfect and hard to watch sometimes. So I turned to YouTube. 

Here are my five favorite arm workouts on YouTube:

How to Lose Arm Fat from XHIT

6 Min to Sexy Arms! from Blogilates (I love Cassey Ho)

Sexy Toned Arm Workout for Women from Vitality Advocate

7 Best Triceps Exercises for Sexy Arms from Autumn Calabrese (She is the crazy lady that does 21 Day Fix Extreme)

5 Min Arm Toning Workout without Weights from PopSugar Fitness

There you have it! Do you have any arm toning workouts that you love?


Wedding Planning Wednesday: Walking Down the Aisle

One of the hardest parts of wedding planning for me was picking the ceremony music. Picking the song I am going to walk down the aisle to just really threw me for a loop. After three months of listening to piano music, I FINALLY picked a song this week, and I didn't even really pick it. My mom suggested it and it was clearly the one. 

I have said I am walking to every piano song under the sun including these fine options...feel free to steal for your wedding and don't judge me for some of them, I was getting desperate.

1. Thinking of You - Ke$ha Piano Cover. She's my favorite so I wanted something meaningful to me. This was really almost it until I thought it through.

2. Trap Queen. LOL this got vetoed by everyone. I tried.

3. River Flows in You. I loved this song until I found out it was in Twilight and I was worried about people judging me.

4. Keep Breathing. I REALLY wanted to walk down the aisle to this song, even though Christina got left at the aisle in Grey's...my sister said that was a bad omen and I should probably pick a different one...

5. Turn to Stone. So since Keep Breathing didn't work out, I went to another Grey's Wedding. I just wasn't feeling this one as much though.

I must have gone through 100 songs, but these were the top contenders before I finally found the one!

What did you walk down the aisle to?


How to go to the drive-in like a boss

We have a drive-in movie theater in Atlanta. Yes, like the one in "Grease." There aren't any dancing hot dogs though. It's called the Starlight Drive-In and it is definitely in the scary part of town. We're talking like next to the state penitentiary. However, once you drive past the fun flashing sign and are safe behind the gates, it's amazing.
You pay $9 for two movies, and I'm not talking old movies. Stephen and I had date night Friday night and saw "Neighbors 2" and "The Boss." We watched it right in my car. You just can't beat that...

Having a proper date night at the drive-in is an art form, so here is how to make the most of your drive-in experience.

1. Bring ALL the snacks. We rolled in with two Publix subs, one bag of avocado oil chips, one bag of coconut oil chips and a bag of skinny pop. Usually, I also bring a bag of Skittles. We're very serious about our snacks. They do have a snack bar available, but when you can bring in all of Publix, why wouldn't you?
2. Bring ALL the drinks. When you bring that many snacks, you will need to quench your thirst. I recommend at least two bottles of something. Don't worry, there is a bathroom and a break between the two movies. (Pro tip: Mountain Dew Baja Blast is in stores right now, you're welcome!)

3. Get there early. You don't want to be stuck behind a truck that really needed the extra lift or a guy who can't remember to turn his headlights off. Just like a movie theater, seat choice is key. Note: you don't have to get there as early as I made us on Friday night...
4. Park next to the projector. The projector is going to focus and center the movie on the screen from where it is located. If you park next to the projector, you're going to have the best view.
5. Dress comfortably. You are going to be in a car for two movies and nobody will see you except the people you came with. I didn't on Friday, but I have definitely worn my pjs before.

6. Park closer to the screen. Yes, you want to park next to the projector and you don't want to have to look up. However, like any movie theater, there will be teenagers in the back... come to your own conclusions on that one.

7. Bring your own jumper cables. Try to make sure you have enough of a charge to make it through two movies, but remember accidents happen. There are usually charging stations, but they are super busy at the end for others who don't have jumper cables. Bring your own and have a nice friend jump you off.

8. Drive slow. You will bottom out on the humps if you don't, but they are there for optimal viewing so don't get mad at them.

9. Turn your headlights off. This is my biggest pet peeve. Headlights reflect in the mirrors of the car in front of you, they make the movie on screen disappear, they are just bad all around for movie watching. Turn them off. I promise you will be able to see to drive around.

10. Get out and walk around at some point. Drive-ins are usually fun little time machines. You never know what you might find.

Do you have a drive-in in your town?


Why I Love Blogging


I started this blog a year and a half (ish) ago mostly because I was lonely. I loved college so much. I was in a sorority, had a boyfriend I adored, loved my major, led lots of organizations and always had somebody to do something with. When I graduated and moved back to Atlanta I lost all of that.

My boyfriend was still in college and living two hours away, my friends scattered all over the place, I had a job that took up a lot of time and worked with people much older than me...I was lonely. I went to work, came home, watched Netflix, went to bed early, woke up and did it all over again. I adopted Mimosa which helped a lot just to have another living being to care for, but she doesn't talk. She makes a lot of noise, but none of them are words. I was sad.

I lived like this for over a year before I decided I needed a hobby. So I started a blog.

I wrote about anything and everything. I wrote about food, outfits, crafts, hairstyles, whatever I could think of. It gave me something to do and something to look forward to again. I would always be thinking about my next post.

It made me fall in love with my life again.

Blogging made me leave the hole that is my apartment and discover the city that I love so much. It made me go to Atlanta festivals, try new restaurants and shop for clothes that would look good on the gram.

Blogging gave me a community. I have never met most of my friends in the blogosphere, but I know they are always there for advice and guidance when I need it about my blog, social media or even my wedding. I even got some of their Christmas cards last year. I love to read everyone's posts and keep up with what they're doing this weekend via social media.

Having a blog teaches me something new every day. I work in communications, and I stay up to date on the latest trends in SEO, social media, online marketing, etc., because I have a blog. Blogging helps me to sharpen my skills for my day job better than any course ever could.

I'm so thankful to have a blog. I took a little hiatus right after I got engaged to start planning my wedding, and missed it every day. Now that I'm back, I still have the same feelings I did when I started. I'm always looking forward to my next post or trying something new to share.

So thank you, my blogging friends, for helping me fall in love with my life again. Even though we have never met, I cherish every one of you. Have a wonderful weekend!


Wedding Planning Wednesday: I said "Yes" to the dress

My "yes to the dress" moment was a little different that most.... well different than what they portray on TLC. A week after I got engaged, my sister was in town and my mom suggested we go look for fun. 

We went to David's Bridal just to get an idea of the style I liked. I knew what I absolutely didn't want, but needed to figure out what I did like before I did any real shopping. 

I tried on five dresses total. The first was horrible- a Grecian white nightmare that made me look like the Michelin Man. The next three weren't much better, A Zac Posen with a train so heavy I couldn't walk, a 1920's inspired flapper number with lots of sparkles, and a lace A-line that was exactly what I thought I wanted, but nowhere close. 

Finally, my consultant suggested I try on something I originally said I didn't want. I agreed and liked it enough to finally come out of the dressing room. I didn't cry or weep, but I definitely liked it, and decided that was a good place to start. 

We went home and I thought about that dress all night. I figured that might be a good sign, so the next morning we went back and I put it on one more time. I loved it! Then my sister grabbed a veil off the wall and that was it! I knew it was the one. 

We walked back out to the parking lot to go home, and I started crying. I knew I had made the right decision. 

That was it. One week after I got engaged we bought the dress...from David's Bridal no less...in a style I originally didn't want. I couldn't be happier.

Did you have a "Say Yes To The Dress" moment? What happened?