Taking a Break

I've said it before and I've said it again, I love blogging. It's one of my favorite things but unfortunately, it comes third on my priority list. I have a full-time job (and by full-time I mean all the time). I try to blog at night and on the weekends, but I have only been home one weekend in the past 14 weeks and my nights are pretty full too. This is partly due to the fact that I'm getting married in 40 days, so I am also in full-blown wedding mode.

In case you couldn't tell from the lack of posts for almost a month, I am taking a little blogging break.

Not a forever break, I would miss it too much. Right now, my plate is full and spilling over both sides and I have to let something drop. I'll be back from my honeymoon totally refreshed in November, chock full of ideas for fun fall and holiday themed posts, plus a lot of wedding photos!

Thanks for reading, I'll be home soon!


Summer Wedding Look

I wore this dress to a wedding a few weekends ago and I am IN LOVE! I received so many compliments on it, that this very quickly jumped up to the top of my favorite outfits. I found it on the ASOS website. I was a little skeptical of ordering off ASOS. I've ordered sweaters before and they were fine, but this dress was so cute online I just wanted it to be cute in person. I was pleasantly surprised.

This dress is flirty, fun and affordable. It's twirly on the dance floor, so when you're doing "The Wobble" or spinning around with your date it moves with you. I love the cut-outs in the shoulders and the large ruffle. It's just an adorable dress and definitely kept me cool at an outside wedding in Georgia in July.

Plus I feel like Barbie when I wear it which is always #LifeGoals.

I paired it with my favorite dancing heels and simple a simple Kendra Scott bracelet since it's already kind of a loud dress. I love this look so much, I bought the Mint version too. As soon as it comes back in hot pink and white, I will probably scoop those up too.

What is your favorite wedding look? 


So We're Taking Dance Lessons

Stephen and I are taking dance lessons. We knew our first dance would reflect two middle schoolers dancing to "This I Promise You" if we didn't. You know the dance. The one where you had to leave room for either a ruler or Jesus depending on what kind of school you went to.

Let's take a little survey, shall we? What song was your first middle school slow dance? I'm pretty sure all of my close friends danced to "This I Promise You" because we're part of the N'SYNC generation.

Anyways, this was not exactly the vibe we really wanted for our first dance. So once a week, we go to dance class. It's going ok... so far I think we have mastered walking without falling down. We're basically at toddler level.

I definitely don't let Stephen lead and because I have to go backwards, and I'm constantly concerned we're going to crash into a wall. Because of these two things, they always make me close my eyes. It doesn't matter though, I lead and turn too early anyway. We get through about two sets of "long, long, short shorts" until we mess up. So there is a very real possibility that the middle school slow dance will rear its ugly head. We'll see.

While I am cautiously optimistic we can do this, I have only tried it in Toms and comfortable clothes. I become a little less optimistic when I remember I have to wear real shoes and a train.

It also doesn't help that our instructors are perfect ballroom Gods. She looks like Tinkerbell with Rapunzel's hair and always has on a pair of twinkly rhinestone shoes in a different color. He kind of looks like a younger Antonio Banderas with glasses. Sometimes they demonstrate for new couples and we always stop and watch. We get in trouble though because we're supposed to be practicing.

So while they look like Fred and Ginger, Stephen and I are at Taylor Swift level:

Why does she continue to do this at award shows? She knows we can see her, right?

Alright, we've totally derailed. Let me know what your first dance song was in the comments because I'm nosey. 


Who I'm Watching at the Olympics

I love the Olympics. When I was five, the Olympics were in Atlanta and my mom took me downtown to watch the Magnificient Seven take home the gold. I was little, but I remember this moment so vividly. I remember being confused that all the rotations took place at the same time. Up until that point, I had only seen gymnastics on tv and the events happened one at a time. But most importantly, I remember the energy in the room. Kerri Strug completed her vault with a freaking sprained ankle and United States would be taking home the gold for the first time in the Team All-Around Competition. Since this moment, I have been obsessed with Olympics.

Needless to say, I've been glued to the tv for three days. So far we have witnessed some amazing moments. For example, Katie Ledecky not only winning her race but shattering the world record by a whole human being. Or Michael Phelps freaking out after the United States won the gold in the relay race.

It's an amazing couple of weeks. It's one of those events that makes you feel like you're apart of something bigger. The whole world is watching this event and for two weeks we are all unified. 

So who am I keeping an eye on this year?

Laurie Hernandez - I'm obsessed with everything about her. Her personality, her technique, her mascara...she's adorable. I think it's crap she is not competing in the all-around, but I don't think this is the last we will see of her.

Katinka Hosszu - Did y'all watch her on Saturday? She's a Hungarian swimmer who has the most adorable husband/trainer. She killed the world record in her event and her husband was FREAKING out on the side. It was an awesome moment to watch.

Ryan Lochte - Hello, who wouldn't be looking out for him?

Kerri Walsh - How will she be without Misty-Mae? Will it be like watching LaVerne without Shirley? Lucy without Ethel? Serena without Blair? I'm not sure, but I'm interested to find out.

The Rugby team - Because Stephen is so excited rugby is in the Olympics, I have no choice but to be excited with him. In all honesty, I'm really excited to watch.

Katie Ledecky - Hello, I would say she is the new Michael Phelps, but enough reporters have done that for me. She is just Katie Ledecky, amazing, unique and absolutely killing the game. 

Obviously, I'm watching all the Michael races too. He's still got it.

Bubba Watson - Now that golf is back, we have to watch our Master's favorite. 

Ok, if we're being realistic, I'm watching everyone... Synchronized Swimming? Absolutely. Fencing?Of course. Badminton, Judo, Trampoline? I'll be right in front of TV with popcorn. I love the Olympics, and when you have a love affair this strong, you remain loyal.

Who are you watching? What are your favorite events?


Life Update

Good Morning friends!

Sorry for the little blogging break. I've been crazy busy with work, wedding things, life. I'm still here, just busy.

Here's a quicky update:

-We've had two amazing showers. One with some of my beautiful friends for a "stock the bar" wine tasting and one with my family and friends in Mississippi.

-We are officially in the double digits countdown to the wedding. 88 days to be exact.

- Stephen and I we have lost almost 60 pounds combined. We gained 10 of that back this weekend in Mississippi between butter, booze, and cotton candy. Let the workouts begin...

- I can't be in my apartment in the dark because I have seen the "Lights Out" commercial approximately 18,274,513,598,654 times. Seriously, do we have to watch it in between snap stories? I literally get home in the afternoon and turn on every light in the house. My fur-babies think I'm nuts.

-I had an actual temper tantrum about "The Bachelorette" being a cliffhanger last week. Sorry if you follow me on Twitter.

- I may be a little MIA this week. Work has just been tough lately and I'm behind on life. I will try my very best to at least squeeze in a post better than this one here and there.

What's new?? Anyone see the "Lights Out" movie yet?